About DeSiaMore Hosting


has been providing advanced, straightforward hosting solutions since 2008, and has quickly risen to leadership in the web hosting industry due to our customer-focused mission: to make hosting reliable, helpful and easy.

Our Team

We have professionals and experienced team who are developing DeSiaMore this further in many different fields such as customer service perfection, technical innovations and Design.

How many customers DeSiaMore has?

By the end of 2013, we have over 500 happy customers. Since the beginning and over the time, we have been keeping a very steady pace in growing our customers base, thanks to the extraordinary support and customer care we are providing. Words cannot express our gratitude to all of our loyal customers over the years that helped us make all this possible and spread the word about DeSiaMore. Thank you!

What are the main areas you specialize in?

First and foremost, we are really good in Customer service and this is our primary special. Along with that, we have different divisions dedicated entirely to developing a new and innovative web design and hosting environment, which is always step ahead of the competition.

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1GB Storage

10GB Bandwidth

Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited mySQL Databases

Unlimited Sub domains

Unlimited FTP Accounts

TZS. 150,000/Year